Access to Dining Services' Gluten-Free Pantry

The CAE, through its affiliation with the Disabled Students Housing Appeals Board (DSHAB), has partnered with UCLA Dining Services to provide students who live in on-campus housing who have Celiac Disease, wheat allergy, and gluten intolerance with access to gluten-free foods. Located in the De Neve Residential Restaurant, the Gluten-Free Pantry is a separate, keycard-accessed room with a toaster and a microwave.  The pantry has a refrigerator and freezer stocked with a variety of prepared, gluten-free foods and there are cereals, sauces and condiments available too.

To be granted access to the Gluten-Free Pantry, a student needs to submit a Request Form for Access to the Gluten-Free Pantry to the DSHAB.  The form is available at the CAE in A255 Murphy or on the CAE website in the Forms section.  DSHAB will notify both Dining Services and the student of eligibility to use the Gluten-Free Pantry.

Please be advised that the Gluten-Free Pantry is available only to students who live in on-campus housing with documented, valid medical needs.  Gluten-Free Pantry users are not restricted to the pantry; they may partake in any of the offerings in the Dining Hall.  The Gluten-Free Pantry is accessible at every meal time during the regular school year.

For more information on menus, nutrition and food allergies please visit or contact the Dining Services’ Dietitian at (310) 206-3193.

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