How to Resolve Service Delivery Problems

It is fair to say that even with the best efforts of everyone involved with your service delivery at UCLA, a problem may occur. If this should happen, we strongly encourage you to let us know so that we can work together to solve the problem as quickly as possible. Experience has shown us that many times a problem arises because of a misunderstanding or miscommunication; therefore, clarification can be a quick and effective solution. We can help to resolve problems you may have with your service providers, professors, TA's or Departments. It is often best to discuss the issue with the person involved first, and if a satisfactory resolution cannot be reached, to then appeal to the person's supervisor or department chair. However, we can assist you with making this determination and should we be unable to resolve the problem in the CAE, we will refer you to appropriate on-campus resources that can help.

For any issue or problem, you will be treated with respect, receive a timely response to your inquiries, and will have your issues dealt with in a confidential manner (if so requested). Retaliation in any form against persons who file complaints is prohibited by disability-related law and University policy. We encourage you to bring up any issues or problems as soon as possible, give clear and detailed information and be respectful of those people with whom you are working.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires the University to adopt and publish procedures to resolve problems regarding access to the educational program for persons with disabilities. An individual who believes he or she has been discriminated against on the basis of disability should contact UCLA ADA/504 Compliance Officer, Monroe Gorden at (310) 825-1514, or via email at If you wish to know more about your rights as a disabled person under Federal and State law and University policy, CAE can refer you to the appropriate entity.

How to Resolve Service Delivery Problems Revision 06/30/2016