Campus Transportation Options for Students with Disabilities


Main Office: A255 Murphy Hall, (310) 825-1501 voice, (310) 825-9656 fax
Proctoring Center: A242 Murphy Hall, (310) 825-2651

Christian Limon, Senior Disability Counselor, (310) 794-5725

CAE Daily Van Service – (310) 825-2263

Between 7:20 AM and 5:40 PM Monday through Friday, the CAE van will transport students with documented, mobility based disabilities in the area bordered by Hilgard, Sunset, Veteran and Wilshire. Students need to be registered with the CAE and make reservations at least 24 hours in advance for this service. The van, which is wheelchair lift-equipped, operates on a twenty-minute cycle.


CAE Weekend Van Service – (310) 825-2263

Registered CAE students with mobility-based disabilities need to make requests by 5 PM on Thursdays for Friday evening or Saturday and Sunday academic-related rides. The area of service is bordered by Hilgard, Sunset, Veteran and Wilshire.


Community Service Officers (CSO) Evening Van Service – (310) 825-1493

No reservations are needed for this 6 PM to 11 PM service that operates Monday through Thursday at approximately 15 minutes intervals during the Fall, Winter and Spring quarters. The CAE van is part of the fleet of CSO vehicles that run both clockwise and a counter clockwise routes for approximately 22 pre-designated pick-up and drop-off spots on and near the campus. If the CAE van is not the vehicle that shows up at one of the many stops, students are asked to get the driver’s attention. The driver will radio for the CAE van to be sent immediately.

Fleet and Transit Services – (310) 206-2908

Campus Express – A full fleet of wheelchair lift-equipped buses follow round-trip routes from Weyburn Terrace to the MacGowan bus turn-around every ten minutes from 7AM to 7PM, Monday through Friday. The Northbound express has six stops and the southbound has five.

Wilshire Center Express – A wheelchair lift-equipped bus operates with stops at the corner of Ashton and Midvale (the Wilshire Center), the corner of Le Conte and Tiverton and between Parking Structure 2 and Young Hall.

Northwest Campus Shuttle – A wheelchair lift-equipped shuttle van operates from the MacGowan turnaround to Hedrick Hall weekdays at 11:30, 12 noon, 12:30, 1:00, 1:30 and 2:00. The return shuttles are at 11:38, 12:08 and so on.

If you would like this information in an alternative format, contact the Center for Accessible Education at (310) 825-1501 voice or (310) 825-9656 fax.

Campus Transportation Options for Students with Disabilities 07/1/2016 Revision 9/27/13