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Department of Rehabilitation (DOR)

The California Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) is a state agency that may provide financial support for college expenses for qualified undergraduate, graduate or professional school students with permanent disabilities who meet specific DOR eligibility requirements. The primary requirements are that a client’s career goal requires a college degree and that the client’s disability is a substantial impediment to employment. The mission of the Department of Rehabilitation is "… to assist Californians with disabilities in obtaining and retaining employment and maximizing their ability to live independently in their communities".

One needs to be a US citizen or permanent resident to apply which can be done by contacting the DOR in person, online or by mail. A list of DOR Offices is available at (WARNING - Links to an off campus website.)  

Once eligibility with the DOR is established, financial support from the DOR may include payment for student fees, education expenses and parking. The DOR Counselor will work with the student to explain the process from their end.

When registering with the CAE, students who are already clients of the DOR should let their CAE Specialist know this. Similarly, if a CAE student becomes a DOR client while enrolled, they should notify the CAE. The CAE may work with the student and DOR Counselor to coordinate billing dates and fees deadlines. Additionally, the CAE, with the student’s permission and upon request, may send transcripts and study lists to the DOR Counselor.

Selected DOR brochures and publications in various formats are available in the lobby of the CAE.

If you are a CAE student or a DOR Counselor with an Authorization for Services, please scan it and email it to

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