Disabled Student Housing Appeals Board (DSHAB) Practices

For more than 25 years, a member of our staff has chaired the Disabled Students Housing Appeals Board (DSHAB). The Board is composed of representatives from the CAE, Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), Arthur Ashe-Student Health and Wellness Center and Housing and Hospitality Services. The purpose of the DSHAB is to review housing requests – in the form of an appeal – for students with specific needs, based on a disability and/or medical condition. The word student in this document means appellant, as in any person appealing for a change in his/her own or his/her dependent’s university-owned housing.

The Board reviews housing appeals from undergraduate and graduate students and their dependents who live with them. The Board also reviews appeals from faculty and staff and their dependents who want to live in university housing – this includes post-doctoral fellows.

The DSHAB will either deny the request or make appropriate recommendations to the Housing Assignment Office.

The DSHAB meets to review appeals for returning students in January and February, and for new students beginning in May and going until September. DSHAB may also review appeals during the academic year as needed.

Eligibility Requirements

Students must apply for housing on the Housing Services website: www.housing.ucla.edu. DSHAB reviews housing appeals for students who have applied for housing and met Housing and Hospitality Services established deadlines and payments. 

To appeal, a student must obtain a DSHAB appeal packet from this link or in person at the CAE office, and complete the packet in its entirety. The packet consists of:

  • Information form (to be completed by the student)
  • Disability Assessment form (to be completed by the treating clinician)
  • Accommodations Requirements form (which may be shared with Housing Rooms Division or Housing Assignments)

In addition, the student must also submit a self-statement stating why he/she needs the requested housing.

DSHAB may review appeals from students who need an immediate change of housing based on a disability or medical condition. DSHAB may also review appeals for students who would like to reestablish their housing eligibility based on disability-related reasons.

Review Process

Once the student submits the DSHAB appeal documents, the appeal packet is reviewed by the chair for its completeness before the Board meets. The Board reviews the appeal packet which includes the disability documentation and determines if a recommendation is appropriate. The DSHAB considers how the student’s health or education would be jeopardized if the requested accommodations were not provided.  If the DSHAB decides a recommendation is appropriate, a recommendation is then made by DSHAB to the Housing Assignments Office (HAO). The student is notified by email of the DSHAB recommendation.  The HAO does its best to fulfill the recommendation.  If an appeal is denied, the student is notified via email by a member of the Board. The student may re-appeal by submitting new documentation regarding an undisclosed disability or medical condition.

The Board may seek clarification where appropriate. The Board’s deliberations are kept as confidential as possible when consulting with other campus offices. DSHAB may consult with CAPS, ASHE, University Apartments, Housing Rooms Divisions, Dining Services, and the Community Housing Office.

DSHAB Practices 06/30/2016