Notetaking Service Guidelines

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UCLA's Center for Accessible Education (CAE) is mandated by Federal and State law and University policy to provide academic support services to regularly enrolled students with documented permanent and temporary disabilities.

Qualifying for Notetaking Service

Students must register with, and provide documentation of their disability to the Center for Accessible Education. To register with the CAE, make an appointment with the appropriate CAE Disability Specialist mentioned below. He or she will assist you in reviewing your documentation, and will discuss your eligibility for Notetaking Services.

  1. Students with a learning disability, Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, psychological disability or an acquired brain injury must meet with a CAE Learning Disabilities Specialist.

  2. Students with physical, visual or health related disabilities must meet with CAE’s Assistant Director or the Notetaker Coordinator.

How the Service Works

MyUCLA Icon Approach: For each of your classes needing notetaking services an icon indicating that a notetaker is needed will be placed next to the class information on MyUCLA. The CAE will select a notetaker based on the applications generated by the icon.

E-mail to students on class rooster approach: If after two weeks, neither the ASUCLA Lecture Notes nor MyUCLA approach results in a notetaker, the CAE will send an e-mail to the students on the class rooster indicating a Notetaker is needed for that class.

Professor Announcement Approach: The CAE may send a CAE staff member to your class to make a verbal announcement at the beginning of class that a notetaker is needed after other approaches fail to secure a notetaker.

Student Referral Approach: You may arrange for notes by referring a student or teacher's assistant from your class. This person may receive a stipend for their services at the end of the term if they choose to complete the required paperwork. In most cases, the CAE will not have 2 notetakers for the same class.

Classroom Assistance: If after consultation with your CAE specialist it is determined you have a disability-based need for one-on-one assistance in the classroom, we can arrange for a Classroom Assistant. Classroom Assistants may or may not be a student in the class. Please note that it may take up to two weeks to arrange to have a service provider in class. It is recommended that students being accommodated by a Classroom Assistant submit their class schedule approximately 2 weeks before school starts in order to have services arranged for the first day of class.


Confidentiality is extended to all students receiving services from the CAE. CAE staff and service providers are required to keep all student- and assignment-related information strictly confidential. If you chose having your notes e-mailed to you, your notetaker may learn who you are.

Student Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of the student to request notes as soon as the class schedule is confirmed. If you are approved for Notetaking, to request notes, visit the ClockWork Homepage and read the section posted under Notetaking Requests. You may to refer a person from your class to be a notetaker by having him/her contact the Notetaking coordinator at the CAE. The Notetaking Coordinator will make the final selection regarding the official notetaker for requested courses. Notetakers are not a substitute for attending classes. Even though you have a notetaker, you are still expected to attend class on a regular basis. In accordance with CAE policy, if you fail to attend class for any reason not related to your disability, your notetaking service may be interrupted or withdrawn. To restore service, you will need to meet with the Notetaker Coordinator to reassess your need for the service.


The key to a successful term is for all people to take responsibility for their part in the service. In order to get the quality of notes that you deserve, please communicate with the Notetaking Coordinator ( immediately. Remember, communication is the key to success.

If you would like this information in an alternative format, contact the Center for Accessible Education at (310) 825-1501, 310) 825-9656 (fax).

Notetaking Service Guidelines 10/1/2012 Revision 03/06/2009