Priority Enrollment/Registration Assistance

The CAE is able to offer Priority Enrollment to undergraduate students only. Priority Enrollment allows an undergraduate student to enroll in the college or school maximum unit limit (usually 18 or 19 units) before Enrollment is open to all undergraduate students.  First quarter students (freshmen and transfer students) do not have the privilege of Priority Enrollment until they have been at UCLA for a full quarter.  There is no Priority Enrollment for summer classes. All enrollment for classes is through URSA.  If a student’s disability creates challenges for the computer-based enrollment process, please contact the CAE for assistance or referrals.

The CAE recommends that students check with their academic advisors, department or college counselors or scheduling offices and the Registrar’s Office for specific academic, program or degree requirements. Students who have Priority Enrollment will have a first and second pass, where they can make changes to their schedule if necessary. Students with Priority Enrollment are not limited to enrolling in 10 units.

Some classes are closed by Departments or Colleges during Priority Enrollment. Students must meet the academic pre-requisites of the class.  The CAE cannot get a student enrolled in a closed class or request that the pre-requisites be waived. There are two restrictions regarding Priority Enrollment:

  • Only 50% of the seats in any class can be for students who have Priority Enrollment
  • Only 30% of the seats can be taken by a particular Priority Enrollment Group. In other words, for CAE students with Priority Enrollment, once a third of the class capacity is taken by CAE students, no other CAE students can enroll in that class until first or second pass.

Priority Enrollment is just a few days before regular enrollment. Priority Enrollment for Winter and Spring classes is usually during week six (6) of the previous quarter and Priority Enrollment for Fall classes is usually the week after Spring Finals.  In addition to announcements on MyUCLA, the CAE will email their students who have Priority Enrollment about two weeks before Priority Enrollment is to start. 

The CAE approves Priority Enrollment for undergraduate students:

  • with documented, permanent disability-based or medical-related needs that impact their ability to get from class to class or building to building quickly
  • who need to arrange for service providers
  • who have transportation or attendant issues
  • who have frequent appointments for therapy or any other medical treatment
  • who cannot take classes during certain parts of the day.

The CAE suggests that Graduate and Professional School Students who have needs for a specific schedule contact their advisor or College or Department Student Affairs Office. In some cases though, there is not much flexibility as many programs have a prescribed program or do not offer multiple sections.

Students requiring registration assistance should call or come in to the CAE to discuss your needs.