Proctor/Test-Taking Guidelines

Main Office: A255 Murphy Hall (310) 825-1501 voice, (310) 825-9656 fax
Proctoring Center: A242 Murphy Hall (310) 825-2651
Proctor/Test Taking Services (310) 825-1501

UCLA’s Center for Accessible Education is mandated by Federal, State and University policy to provide academic support services to students with permanent and temporary disabilities that have a documented disability-based need. As an accommodation, a student with a disability may need alternative test-taking conditions.

Depending upon the student’s documentation, appropriate test accommodations may include the exam printed in large print or Braille; additional time for the exam; one-on-one assistance such as the proctor reading the test questions and recording the student’s answers. Students taking exams will be held to the same standards as that of their classmates.


First-time users of the Proctoring Service must schedule an appointment to meet with the appropriate Disability Specialist in the CAE's main office (A-255 Murphy) to discuss his/her needs. The Disability Specialist will review the student's documentation, verify the disability-based need and make a recommendation for the needed proctor/test-taking accommodation(s). Continuing students may meet directly with the Proctoring Center Staff to make their requests each quarter.

It is the student's responsibility to request test taking accommodations using Clockwork at least two (2) weeks before midterms and three (3) weeks before finals. If students require extra time only, professors/TA's are expected to administer the exams. The student also signs a statement regarding academic integrity which appears on the form.

Students also have the responsibility to stay in close communication with the OSD and the faculty regarding proctoring arrangements throughout each quarter. Should a memo stating that the student is eligible for the accommodation be requested by a student or faculty member, one will be provided by the Proctoring Center staff or the student's Disability Specialist.


The required exam arrangements can be made by the faculty or by the CAE. The faculty is encouraged to make exam accommodations, when possible. If students require only extra time, Professors/TA’s are expected to administer the exams. When faculty administers exams, there are distinct advantages to the student and to the faculty; exams are retained in the department; the student has an easier opportunity to hear announcements and ask questions if necessary; and the regular classroom may be used if extended time is all that is needed.

Should the faculty request that the CAE make the exam arrangements, the Exam Arrangements/Instructions form must be completed by the faculty prior to the test and returned to the CAE. The start time of the exam is the same time as the class time, except for disability-related time adjustments approved by the faculty. The CAE and the proctor will follow the Professor/TA instructions as they are written on the form. Upon completion of the exam, Proctors obtain a department representative’s signature on the Exam Arrangements/Instructions form verifying the return of the exam.


Confidentiality is extended to all students receiving services from the CAE. Staff and Service Providers are required to keep all student and assignment-related information strictly confidential.


Service providers, are employees of the CAE and the University. The CAE and its employees must observe laws and regulations pertaining to the Personnel Policies. This is a reminder that meal periods and rest periods are required by Personnel Policies for Staff Members Section 31-B-1 and 31-B-2 for student employees and Cue Clerical Unit Contract Article 10, schedule E and F for non-student employees. Please feel free to contact the CAE if you have questions regarding these policies.


  1. To maintain the integrity of the testing environment,
  2. To provide the disability-based accommodation.

Before the student is given the exam, the proctor must remove all books and bags from the student’s testing area. Lockers are available for a student’s personal belongings. The Proctor is required to monitor the student throughout the exam, recording and explaining on the Proctor form all activity taking place during the exam. If the proctor sees or senses any problem or irregularity in the testing session, he/she is required to call Proctoring Center staff (310) 825-2651 or CAE (310) 825-1501 immediately.


The CAE proctors exams in a location designated by the professor or in CAE’s Proctoring Center located in A-242 Murphy Hall. The CAE also reserves other rooms on campus when the Proctoring Center is booked.


During the initial meeting with the Disability Specialist in Murphy Hall, students are given a flyer of Student’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). It has additional information you need to know about the Proctor Service. If you do not have the FAQ flyer, ask the staff in the Proctoring Center for a copy.

Reminder: When you have an exam, don’t forget to bring with you your Blue Books, Scantrons, pens, pencils or anything else your professor instructed the class to have during the exam (i.e. calculator or graph paper, etc.).

If you would like this information in an alternative format, contact the Center for Accessible Education at (310) 825-1501.

Proctor/Test-Taking Guidelines Revision 06/30/2016