Realtime Captioning

Realtime Captioning is a service available to students who are hearing impaired. A Realtime Captionist is a stenographer (similar to those in court), who uses a steno-machine to make an instantaneous, verbatim transcript of class lectures, and the words of the lecture are immediately readable on the screen of a lap-top computer. When the lecture is finished, the student may receive a copy of the lecture to be used as study notes. Typically, Realtime Captionists sit at the front of the class where there is a convenient electrical outlet and where the student is able to see both the professor and the computer screen easily. To insure quality of service to students and the best working conditions for Captionists, the CAE provides two Captionists for classes of more than one hour in length.

Students who utilize Realtime Captioning sign an agreement which says:

I understand that as a student receiving realtime captioning service, I will receive verbatim transcripts from the Center for Accessible Education as an accommodation based on my documented disability.  These transcripts are solely for my personal academic use, and I may not share them with any other student or use them for any other purpose other than as class study notes without consultation with the Center for Accessible Education and the expressed consent of the professor.

For additional times when Captioists are needed (e.g., meetings with professors, review sessions or outside class assignments), it is preferred that students notify the Captioning Coordinator at least one week in advance. If students are not planning on attending class, they are to notify the Coordinator as soon as possible so that the Captionists may be utilized elsewhere. For students who are late to class, Captionists will wait at the class for 5 minutes for each half hour of scheduled class time (e.g., 10 minutes for a 1-hour class, 15 minutes for a 1½-hour class, etc.). After waiting the appropriate amount of time the Captionists will be sent to other assignments.

Students should notify the Captioning Coordinator of any tests. Only one Captionist is typically needed for exams and the other may be dispatched elsewhere. Captioning for final exams is handled on a special request basis; the exams may be at different times or different locations.

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