Sign Language Interpreters

Most Sign Language interpreters may be provided for students who are Deaf for classes, academic requirements and University activities. Interpreters will sign what is spoken and will voice in English what the Deaf student signs. To insure quality of service to students and the best working conditions for interpreters, the CAE provides two interpreters for classes of more than one hour in length. Interpreters typically sit in the front of the classroom where the student who is Deaf can easily see the professor and the interpreters. The interpreters are not participants in the class; they are there to facilitate communication. Interpreters do not summarize, supplement or explain information.

For additional times when interpreters are needed (e.g., meetings with professors, review sessions, field trips or outside class assignments), it is preferred that students notify the Interpreter Coordinator at least one week in advance. Students not planning on attending class are to notify the Interpreter Coordinator as soon as possible so that the interpreters may be utilized elsewhere. For students who are late to class, the Interpreters will wait at the class for 5 minutes for each half hour of scheduled class time (e.g., 10 minutes for a 1-hour class, 15 minutes for a 1½-hour class, etc.). After waiting the appropriate amount of time, the Interpreters will be sent to another assignment.

Students using Interpreters should notify the Interpreter Coordinator of any class tests. Only one Interpreter is typically needed for exams and the other may be dispatched elsewhere. Interpreters for final exams are handled on a special request basis; the exams may be at different times or different locations.

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