Apply for Accommodations

UCLA Campus
Students: If you have not yet submitted a request for accommodations for the Fall quarter, please note that requests submitted on or after November 20, 2018 will not be eligible for registration with the CAE until Winter quarter 2019.  
  • 1. Request services. For Winter 2019 accommodation requests, the Request for Accommodations form can be found here or by accessing a printable version of the form on our Service Forms page. For temporary disabilities, please complete the Temporary Disability Request for Accommodations form.

  • 2. Provide documentation. You can upload documentation directly onto the Request for Services form. Please be sure that it meets our documentation guidelines (Verification of Disability form, psychoeducational assessment, clinician/medical provider’s letter on letterhead). Please review our Service Forms page for a Verification form that your medical provider can complete that meets our documentation requirements.

    • If you do not have documentation but you have given the Verification of Disability form to your clinician/medical provider, have your medical provider fax it to the CAE (310.825.9656) upon completion.

    • Once documentation is received, your request for CAE services will be reviewed.

  • 3. Schedule intake appointment. You will be invited to schedule an intake appointment after your registration form and documentation have been reviewed and approved. Please note that you will not be asked to schedule an intake appointment if you do not provide the CAE with documentation or you do not submit the Request for Services form.

    • Not eligible for services at this time. If you are not eligible for services, you will be notified via email. Reasons for ineligibility include a) incomplete or inadequate documentation, b) no functional limitations, c) no qualifying disability identified.

    • No notification. If you do not receive an email within two weeks of submitting your Request for Services form, documentation from your clinician/medical provider has not been received by our office. Please follow up with your clinician/medical provider.

  • 4. Intake appointment and authorization for services. You will visit A255 in Murphy Hall for your intake. During your appointment, your Intake Specialist will review with you the accommodations for which you have been approved based on your documentation.

    • Registration with the CAE does not authorize you for access to all accommodations. You will be approved for accommodations that meet your needs. You can always schedule a follow-up appointment to discuss modifications if you feel your accommodations are not adequate.

    • Please note: You are not officially registered with the CAE until you have met with a CAE specialist and accommodations have been discussed and approved.