Housing Accommodations

UCLA Residential

The Center for Accessible Education reviews housing accommodation requests for students with disability-based housing needs. If you are a student requesting a housing accommodation in University-owned housing, please review the procedure located below:

Procedure for Requesting Housing Accommodation(s):

1. Access the relevant application below based on the academic year you are requesting housing accommodations for:

2. When the disability is not readily apparent, residents are to submit documentation that establishes the existence of a disability and the necessity of an accommodation within University-owned Housing. To expedite the process, please view the Housing Accommodations Documentation Requirements and Sample Support Letter. Documentation can be attached at the end of your online request form, emailed to caehousing@saonet.ucla.edu, or faxed to CAE at (310) 825-9656. 

Note: The structure, examples, and content of the sample support letter linked above is only intended to serve as guidance for your provider or licensed professional. The examples within the letter are not comprehensive and not intended to be a list to select from. When the disability is not readily apparent, all documentation and/or support letters submitted for housing accommodation requests within University-owned housing should accomplish the criteria set forth in the Housing Accommodation Documentation Requirements. 

3. Your request will be reviewed by the Housing Accommodations Board. You will receive a notification by email of the Board's decision.

Please note:

1. Students must have applied for UCLA Housing via the housing website.

2. Students must be eligible for university-owned housing and meet deadlines and payments as established by Housing Services. If you are concerned about your housing eligibility, please consult the Housing Assignment Office.

4. For emotional support animal (ESA) requests in university housing, complete the ESA section of the housing accommodations request form linked above. Further information, including documentation requirements specific to ESAs, can be found within the section in the request form.  

5. CAE only recommends accommodations based on a documented disability need; housing preferences are handled by Housing Services.

6. If a housing accommodation recommendation is made, the CAE will notify the student and the Housing Assignment Office by email. The Housing Assignment Office will then notify the student when an offer becomes available. In the event that the CAE finds the request for accommodation unreasonable, the student will also be notified via email.