Housing Accommodations

UCLA Residential

The Center for Accessible Education reviews housing accommodation requests for students with disability-based housing needs. If you are a student requesting a housing accommodation in University-owned housing, please review the procedure located below:

Procedure for Requesting Housing Accommodation(s):

1. Access the application by visiting the Housing Accommodations Request form. Complete the application in its entirety.

2. Have your clinician complete the Verification of Disability for Housing Accommodations form.

3. Email the completed application to Housing Coordinator Rob Kadota.

Please note:

1. Students must have applied for housing via the housing website.

2. Students must be eligible for university-owned housing and meet deadlines and payments as established by Housing Services. If you are concerned about your housing eligibility, please consult the Housing Assignment Office.

3. The Verification of Disability Form for Medical Providers must be completed by a certified licensed professional -- psychologist, psychiatrist, neurologist, primary care physician, LCSW, or LMFT (not a relative of the applicant).

4. For emotional support animal (ESA) requests, please complete the assistive animal information in its entirety.

5. CAE only recommends accommodations based on a documented medical need; housing preferences are handled by Housing Services.

6. If a recommendation is made, the CAE will notify the student and the Housing Assignment Office. The Housing Assignment Office will then notify the student when an offer becomes available. In the event that the CAE denies the request, the student will be notified directly via email.