Text-to-Speech for Microsoft Word on Windows

To add a “Speak” button to the top of every Word window:

Above the ribbon you should see a small toolbar, by default containing only the Save, Undo and Redo buttons. This is called the Quick Access Toolbar, and you can add more buttons to it – including one for speaking highlighted text.

  1. Click the arrow to the right of the toolbar to get started:

  2. Click the “More Commands” button to begin exploring the vast world of Microsoft Word functions. Explore the “Commands Not in the Ribbon” section and you’ll find the “Speak” option:

  3. Click the “Add” button between the two columns, then click “Okay”. There is now a “Speak” button in your Quick Access Toolbar:

  4. Select a word, highlight a block of text or CTRL+A to highlight your entire document
  5. Click Speak in the ribbon.
  6. Click Speak again to stop the playback.

Note: Speak is disabled until you select text whose editing language matches one of your installed TTS engines.