Welcome to the Center for Accessible Education (CAE).  With the start of a new academic year we are launching our new name.  We are still the familiar, friendly faces who are here to help you with accessing all the university has to offer and to partner with you in your success.  Our new name brings more attention to access and less about disability as well as a more holistic identity, opening the possibility for new areas of activity such as research programs and broader collaboration with colleagues both on campus and beyond.   Additionally, in focus groups and year-end surveys, students have told us that they feel the former department name did not place sufficient emphasis on their capabilities.

Our accommodations are designed to meet the unique educational needs of regularly enrolled UCLA students with documented permanent and temporary disabilities.  The Center for Accessible Education is committed to adding value to the UCLA community by

  • Facilitating access to services that contribute to positive student outcomes
  • Fostering an atmosphere of shared responsibility in providing accommodations
  • Promoting an atmosphere of respect and inclusion

If you are a prospective student, new student or current student, please click on the specific links for more information. The CAE is here to provide access to you in meeting your educational challenges successfully.

 Please bear with us as we go through this transition.  Some links may not be updated as fast as others.

Getting Started with the CAE