Welcome to the Center for Accessible Education

UCLA Campus

UCLA’s Center for Accessible Education (CAE) facilitates academic accommodations for regularly enrolled, matriculating students with disabilities. The CAE provides access to the numerous educational opportunities available to students on our campus and empowers students to realize their academic potential.

To obtain disability-related accommodations and services through the CAE, students should complete a Request for Accommodations form and provide appropriate documentation. Students may also download and complete a printable version of the Request for Services form and email or fax it to the CAE at (310) 825-9656.

Please noteRequests for Accommodations submitted after week 8 will be processed after Finals Week. If you submit after week 8 and you are eligible for an intake, accommodations will be approved for the following quarter.

Important Updates: The CAE made updates to several of its service areas during the 2018-2019 academic year (notetaking, testing, and parking). More information about these updates can be found at this link.

Letters of Accommodation

Students: Please note that the CAE does not send accommodations letters to instructors--students must request that their instructors view the letter in the online Faculty Portal.

Faculty: Please follow the links for viewing your student's Letter of Accommodation in the Faculty Portal. Instructions for viewing the letter can be found at this linkFaculty Portal Tutorial is here.

If you are experiencing a web accessibility issue, please contact the ADA/504 Office for further assistance by emailing ada@saonet.ucla.edu or calling (310) 206-8049.

If you are a student and would like to file a disability-based discrimination grievance, please see UCLA Procedure 230.2: Student Grievances Regarding Violations of Anti-Discrimination Laws or University Policies on Discrimination Based on Disability